5K Challenge

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It  was a interesting matter as we have to choose product for our business and also choose target group and with Rupees five thousand investment we started our work and I and my partner choose Jewellery and Paintings .We really learnt many apects by this business built rapport with the customers and fixing up of prices of product for profit what we want to get back after selling.I learnt dealing with big shots of the society and convince them to buy our paintings and by selling of paintings inturn we created a awareness on global warming also.I got good profit and we stood first in our cohort-3 .This my first small achievement in fellowship Program.Its Interesting i got good learning from this marketing strategies.Cash Prize given by Director Naveen Jha of  Deshpande Center for Social Entrepreneurship


Swine flu awareness

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First  month of the fellowship 

On 14th I spoke to Dr.V.D.Kapurmath of cancer hospital and requested him to tell about swine flu prevention and symptoms. On 15th August in Ashwathpur Sri Ram Seva Sangha I conducted the awareness on swine flu and the group consisted of Women and children.Dr V.D.Kapurmath told about what kind of Prevention they must have to take and how it spreads and later as the community people started asking questions he was more interested he even told about AIDS, Cancer and TB also. The way he delivered the talk was interesting and community people requested him to continue for another 30 minutes and he told what kind of government facilities are there and how it can be utilized by the people from hospitals.

Dr.V.D.Kapurmath serves the poor people and he goes to villages and slum areas and do treat the patients freely and will not expect anything from them and he even create awareness not to consume Gutka and other Tobacco products as it causes cancer .He has organized Blood Donation Camps In many places. During natural disaster he collects funds and sends it to President of India.

Lastly Mallamma gave vote of thanks to the Doctor and to the community for providing us an opportunity to conduct Awareness on Swine Flu.


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This Ngo works on issues like sanitation, water management and waste management. It is funded by Deshpande foundation it mainly focuses on water, health and hygiene. we saw a album on how they are working and what all we can do. we had went to site visit to see the utilization of  bio-gas in rural area.

Agastya Foundation

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It is a science lab which was started by few members and it is working very well and it is imparting very good practical knowledge to students who are in government schools and conducts many science exhibitions. They have different models and children can do experiments by their hands and explore many things and teachers are also trained to teach the students. There are different equipments where we also experimented some models and tried to understand the models clearly.Its unique feature is it is a mobile science van which can travel to any distance and children really feel happy by experimenting different models.

Balabalaga-A eco-friendly and Unique school

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This a school which is different from the rest of the schools as the environment is eco-friendly and the teaching method is not rigid like the other schools they give opportunity to develop creative skills, cultural aspects and our traditions and all innovative ideas are applied by the small children and the child is unique from the rest of the crowd. This school was started by Dr.Sanjeev kulkarni with the support of other friends. Now the student strength is 300 .It is a plastic free zone.

Akshay patra

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Akshay Patra-

It was a day which started with aroma of pulav and early morning we reached to akshaypatra the biggest kitchen and this day made happy and I got to know about the preparation of mid-meal to school children and the vision tells that “no child shall be deprived of education because of hunger.”Akshaya patra serves more than 60,000 students and the food is distributed in Hubli and Dharwad districts. It has received a rashtratotthan award. I saw how technology is used in preparation of food products for the first time and the machines are maintained in a systematic manner. It has its own transportation system to deliver the food to schools and they maintain register in school and also with the transportation in charge. It is collaborating with government and working very well and organized way and presently yagneshwar Das is in charge of the whole mid-day meals programme and he only took around and showed us the process and Production of mid-day meals.

Veerendra Hiremath

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He is a physician and has experience in different hospitals like KMC hubli,Asia heart foundation. The Vaatsalya hospital is a corporate healthcare focused on providing affordable, efficient and sustainable healthcare and their main motto is to bring urban health care facilities and services to non-urban areas.Presently it is working in Hubli,Bijapur,Hassan,Mysore,Raichur and Mandya.He want to scaleup to 100 hospitals in next three years from now.